Sunday, December 2, 2007

Top Model Barbie

Hey. Top Model Barbies are awesome. For rizzle. Anyways, I just got Nikki and Barbie today, I already had Summer. Here are their photos.

First we have Summer. She's got great hair, lovely color, with cool ringlets. Her face is really nice, sorta reminds me of the Silkstone barbies. Her outfit is awesome. She came with soo much great stuff, and she was only $15! My favorite part of the stuff would have to be the little portfolio they come with (you know, like the ones real models carry their photos in). It shows a picture of all the stuff they come with, then the other pages show outfits you can make using the stuff you get. Her boots are pretty butt kicking too. (All of their shoes are). Here's her pic:

Next is Nikki. She's definitely my fave. Her hair is frigging awesome and her clothes are really high quality and detailed (i think it's because she came out after the initial 3, that is, Barbie, Teresa and Summer.) She definitely is the prettiest and has the best face, in my humble opinion.

Last but not least is Barbie. Not sure if you can really see it in the picture (I didn't even notice til I got her out of the box) but she has black highlights in the back of her hair. Awesome. Her hair is really pretty but slightly hard to keep flat.

Here's some group shots:


Julie said...

These are some great photos!!! The are so pretty in the outfits you selected for them!

Anonymous said...

They look great! But they're $30 in Canada =(.

Just curious, I saw these on amazon and it says this doll has 10 points of articulation. Is that correct? How far does it bend at the elbows and knees?

nevertooold said...

Eek i know it's like a month after but i'm gonna leave a response anyway lol. They have no points of articulation actually. Just a normal barbie, except the knees don't bend. So basically you can just move their head and their arms and legs back and forth. That's about it.

barbiegallery said...

They're so awesome !!! But, where is Teresa ?! I think she should in there. Teresa and Nikki are hard to find than Barbie and Summer. I have 4 Top Model (Barbie, Summer, Teresa, Nikki) from USA, because in my country they are not for sale.

Anonymous said...

omg theyre so freaking awesome i have only had barbie first i stoll her then i bought her and cut and totally ruined her hair with a brown sharpie trying to make her a brunette for her makeover then finally i got another one but i lost her purse and made her jeans into shorts so freaking cute but now it so hard to fina any top models resort.or top model hair wear well anyways i mock americas next top model and get a group of barbies and take pictures of them modeling im starting a new cycle whenever the new top model cycle 12 starts so go to my myspace to check my past cycles................................look for this email on this is my current one but i have to make a new one heres another but go to the first one so i can add plase tell me if u added me out of this blog thanx xoxo

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