Thursday, May 8, 2008

My doll has shipped!!!


I got an email from Souldoll on the 8th saying my dolly was shipped! (From Korea) so she should be here next week or so!!! I wasn't that excited at first, because seeing as she's a graduation present, I thought i'd have to wait until graduation (29th) to open her. But, I have to open her to check for damage anyway and my parents said it would be silly to just leave her in there until graduation, so I get to have her as soon as she gets here! I don't think I can remember ever being this excited. Well maybe. But i'm pretty darn excited.

I am going to post so many pictures that one post will take up the whole first page of my blog. Be afraid, be very afraid!!

And now, for names. I won't know until she's here yet of course, Toile's name took me about a month or so to decide. But here's a little (*cough*) list I made up:

Lola (i just heard that song and was like, that's a cool name for my doll)
Alice ( i love alice in wonderland)
Gemma (because she looks so much like Gemma Ward)
Lily (because I love flowers and Lily Cole)
Briony (because Atonement is an awesome movie)
Saoirse (because Saoirse (Seer-sha) is a crazy awesome name, it means freedom in Irish Gaelic)
Lyra ( I just saw Golden Compass (Please don't stop reading my blog now if you're catholic) and I liked this name)
Pan (also from Golden Compass)
Lila (always loved this name)
Layla (a variation of lila)
Flora (this one)
Fauna (and this one are funny)
Olivia (no idea why)
Luna (i love HP)
Belle (love disney names)
Daisy (blah)
Hyacinth (probably not)
Fleur (another HP name, and floral too)
Bijou (means jewelery in french, pretty cool name but I think i've decided this is Toile's middle name.)

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