Thursday, July 24, 2008

Only Hearts Club Outfit

I just bought this cute outfit for my Blythe doll and then realized that it actually fits a lot of my dolls! It's so cute and versatile.

The outfit fits Blythe and Dal very well. It also fits my Pullip, Top Model Barbie and Lollipop Girl, but it isn't a perfect fit. It's cute for photos though. The shoes fit Blythe, Dal, and Pullip.

Overall it's a very nice outfit and great quality for the price. The zip zips up and if you have dolls with normal sized heads they can use the hoodie. The socks are connected to the shoes. It also comes with cute little undies. I think it was about $8.00.

Outfit on Blythe

Shoes on Blythe

Outfit on Dal

Shoes on Dal

Oufit on Pullip

Shoes on Pullip

Outfit on Top Model Barbie

Outfit on Lollipop Girl

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