Monday, December 22, 2008

Update on Ebay selling.

My Goodreau didn't sell, but my BBB Erin did. And then I realized that I didn't want to sell either of them. So I tearfully sent of my BBB Erin to her new owner. Then I unstrung my Goodreau. I realized that I was having trouble bonding with her. So i'm going to completely customize her. That's what BJDs are about anyway. I'm going to give her a new faceup, blush her body, separate her toes/fingers, give her a mani/pedi, wire her and hot-glue suede her. Me and my mom bought some chalk pastels for her faceup, I still need to get some Testor's Dullcote, Non-acetone nailpolish remover, wire, sandpaper, mask, and elastic. I should be finished with all of this by February, if school doesn't interfere too much. Since I sold my BBB Erin, I realized I needed another tiny. So my mommy and daddy let me get a Puki Lily for Christmas. I'd been eyeing her for a while.

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