Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Puki has arrived!

I knew she was going to be small. I even saw one in person a few weeks ago (at my first meetup :)) But I guess I forgot because she is TINY!!! I'm madly in love with her. She even got the purdy purple eyes I asked for, yay!

The box.

The Box!

Inside the box.

Inside the box!

The stuff in the box, it looks like she has a booger lol. My hands were shaking so much.

Stuff inside the stuff inside the box.

The Puki box, which there's already a million photos of, but oh well. It smells yucky.

Puki Box!

Do not eat Puki. Do not dress Puki in embarrasing clothes. Do not immerse Puki in oil. (doesn't really say this :))


All her cutie tiny stuff.

All the Puki goodies!

It's Kiwi!

My Kiwi!

In my hand.

In my hand.

And in her outfit.

All dressed up!


Louise said...

Hello! Kiwi is so sweet! I just got my own white Lily yesterday, and I was wondering if you could help me with something...you see, I cannot get the necklace on. Or the dress off. I see you have the necklace on already, so you might be able to help me perhaps? :) Hope this doesn't come across as totally stupid, haha!


Elah-Jen said...

cuteness! must be exciting!! XD I love puki's! they're faces are always happy and cute <3

Btw, do you have barbie dolls? If you do, your more than welcome to join my "Next Top Barbie Model" contest. If you'd like. Check out my blog for more info!

love your puki again! so cuteee