Monday, November 23, 2009

My doll has shipped! Yay!

So excited. Once again. The wait once the doll has shipped is far worse than waiting for the doll to be made. Because now I know she is in the mail and could possibly get lost or damaged. I know that she is bubblewrapped very well though. Luts has good packaging. I'm not that worried. You wouldn't think ordering a doll/waiting for one would be such an emotional experience. But it is a whirlwind of emotions.

My little chihuahua, Lullabelle (aka Doozy) is sitting underneath my computer chair right now, being adorable. My brother just got here for Thanksgiving and I think she's scared of him. Or maybe she's just annoyed that i'm getting another doll, and therefore will pay less attention to her. LOL.

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Julie said...

You know that cute little dolly will arrive in perfect condition!!!! I am looking forward to seeing her!!! Hope we are feeling better soon! Love you!