Saturday, January 30, 2010

LL's first photoshoot.

Not Lindsay Lohan. Lucy Lorelei is taking cute photos, when a strange white fluffy thing appears!

See them here on Flickr:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mijn Schatje

So, after posting about actual doll theft by LadySaiyuki, I figured I should post about doll art theft by Mijn Schatje.

She takes photos of BJDs, traces over them and adds some embellishments, and calls them 'art'. Now, this wouldn't be so terrible if she had permission. She doesn't, of course. And she's selling these 'works of art'.

Yes, she's worked with playstation, she's made 'fashion', jewelry, and all kinds of stuff with other people's traced doll photos on them!

Go here for more info, blog about it, post about it, spread the word!!! The more we talk about it the sooner this evil woman will be stopped!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I feel so betrayed...

I found this really cool doll that I liked alot, she really reminded me of Asleep Eidolon Pear (who i love). Then I started really thinking she might be a copy. Well it seems my suspicions were true. DOA and Asleep Eidolon have said that it's a copy. She's banned on DOA now.

This doll is "LadySaiyuki's" Serenity. But she's really just a combination of doll parts from other companies.

I've never actually met LadySaiyuki, but have met people at meetups who knew her and have heard a bit about her and I started to feel like I knew her a little because she's one of the few (only?) BJD makers in Florida. And now this. I was even considering buying one of her yo-sd size dolls a while back, to support a local 'artist'. Technically those dolls are 'original' but then again no one has proven that.

I hope she is taken out of IDEX.