Saturday, January 9, 2010

I feel so betrayed...

I found this really cool doll that I liked alot, she really reminded me of Asleep Eidolon Pear (who i love). Then I started really thinking she might be a copy. Well it seems my suspicions were true. DOA and Asleep Eidolon have said that it's a copy. She's banned on DOA now.

This doll is "LadySaiyuki's" Serenity. But she's really just a combination of doll parts from other companies.

I've never actually met LadySaiyuki, but have met people at meetups who knew her and have heard a bit about her and I started to feel like I knew her a little because she's one of the few (only?) BJD makers in Florida. And now this. I was even considering buying one of her yo-sd size dolls a while back, to support a local 'artist'. Technically those dolls are 'original' but then again no one has proven that.

I hope she is taken out of IDEX.


Anonymous said...

She's a sponsor at IDEX, I highly doubt IDEX will kick her out. I wonder if she's going to continue to wank and smear the people that called her out at IDEX. She does have a small following, so I expect there is quite of bit mud slinging going on come end of January.

Julie said...

please show us your new outfit for your Lutz doll.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to speculate about what the truth is here, but I want to say something about the so-called proof. Photos should not count as hard proof. Overlays are easy to manipulate. Pear can be made to be a close match to many Volks sleeping dolls because of how similar they are fact, the eyes are pretty much the same shape. This sort of thing really bothers me because so many lovely dolls wind up being called copies just because of overlays. I believe last fall the big one was a B&G Nailo being a supposed copy of a CP doll until someone actually managed to get hold of both heads.

Oh, also as for the LS chibis..some of them were said to be copies too, and they were proven to be original.

I've only been collecting a couple of years now, and I certainly don't consider myself an authority. I just think it really sucks that something like this can happen and make people who are just collectors get drawn into the drama.