Monday, January 25, 2010

Mijn Schatje

So, after posting about actual doll theft by LadySaiyuki, I figured I should post about doll art theft by Mijn Schatje.

She takes photos of BJDs, traces over them and adds some embellishments, and calls them 'art'. Now, this wouldn't be so terrible if she had permission. She doesn't, of course. And she's selling these 'works of art'.

Yes, she's worked with playstation, she's made 'fashion', jewelry, and all kinds of stuff with other people's traced doll photos on them!

Go here for more info, blog about it, post about it, spread the word!!! The more we talk about it the sooner this evil woman will be stopped!


Julie said...

does this make her evil???

Julie said...

Yes, I believe this does make her evil. It's unbelievable...why can't anyone stop her????? I know there has to be laws against why isn't anyone stopping her??? This is ridiculous.